Hammie Has a New Home

Peanut has a new home! I made a poster for him and took it up to school and showed it to everyone. At first the school counselor said she would take him. I did warn here that her was not at all a therapeutic hamster that the kids could cuddle for warm fuzzies. (He has this little issue with biting...) I did add, however, that Peanut was right up her alley because he had suffered abuse as a hamster-child. He had a very hard childhood and was a little traumatized by it. (Jacob had a hamster too, and he used to attack Peanut all the time. Peanut would just lie there and take it, and make squealing sounds until we would come and bang on the cage. One day we came home from a trip and found that Mr. Aggressive Hamster had passed on...mysteriously. My guess is that Peanut just snapped and took care of the problem himself.)

But I digress. The counselor wanted him,but then we found out that you can't have furry pets in the schools anymore because of allegies. So then I offered him jokingly to Aven, our Academic Coach, saying that she could take him home and let her cats play with him. To my surprise, she said that she wanted him...but not for the cats, of course. I think she just has a heart for animals.

So, Peanut is off to her house today.

Whew. One more thing to cross off the list.

Sarah  – (11 January 2009 at 20:13)  

Cracking UP at Peanut being abused-turned-murderer. It happens at least once every weekend on Lifetime.

Saw on facebook that Jason is saying his good-byes. Are you all saying your good-byes? Sounds like you might be sticking around to spread your pets around the east coast... :-)

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