A Moving Tip for All

Here is a moving tip for all of you from someone who is in the moving trenches even as we speak. When you start your move, pack up the things most near and dear to your heart first. I mean the things that you love and have always loved and will forever, truly love. Then leave the "iffy", or at least semi-loved items to the end of your packing. This is because on your first day or so of living, breating, and eating in Box World, you probably can't really decide on whether to take that puce-green afghan from some unknown source that might be a near and dear family member. You probably will end up packing it, just to be sure.

However, on the second or third day of packing, everything gets tossed. It doesn't matter what it is - it would have to be large amounts of cash for you to want to pack it, and that's only if you can locate your wallet to put it in. Hand-stitched piece by Grandma? Toss it. Gifts made by your children? Get rid of them.

By doing this, you preserve and protect the things you love most from later-moving, and perhaps even irrational self. Plus, it makes it easier to purge those less-than precious items.

Sarah  – (13 January 2009 at 18:14)  

That is actually a VERY good tip! I'll try to remember when Troy and I are moving into the nursing home -- the next time we plan on moving...

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