An Unfortunate But Inevitable Equation

Here is the Equation of the Day at the Locke house:

Large amount of force + Front tooth = Less of a front tooth

Yes, it is true. We had a tooth trauma, as Jacob had a bike accident yesterday evening and broke off part of his tooth. Apparently he was riding on the sidewalk down to the basketball court and had to ride off of the curb into the bike lane when some runners came up behind him. After they passed he attempted to jump back up onto the sidewalk, but unfortunately did not make it. The resulting jolt him sent him over the handlebars and tooth-first into the sidewalk.

Fortunately, two good things happened after that. (Well, three, if you count the wonderful fact that he did not hit straight on his head and get a concussion or worse, and yes, he was wearing a helmet.) The ladies that had just passed him came right back to him, and Jason came up in the car right after this. Jason had been planning to come down in the car to watch him shoot baskets before he went to his evening meeting, so was right there quickly on the scene.

Bless his heart. He lost about a third of his front right tooth. It's sensitive and aches from the impact (as does his lip that got cut), but isn't giving him too much pain.

So after a call last night to one of our new church friends, we got the name of a dentist, and this morning I called him. They can see Jacob tomorrow morning, which is wonderful (but not if you're Jacob and have to go to school today with a broken tooth).

I suppose we can add this to our "services" tally for all the new services we've been forced to learn about our first month here. We now know of a Computer Doctor after a virus ate our computer. We found a good place to get new tires after we got a flat last Friday night driving to dinner. Now we have a a dentist.

I suppose some would say that we're being tempted with trials in our new home, but another way to look at it would the "Fast Track to Learning Our Way Around Fresno". Or perhaps it would be our Cliffs Notes to Fresno, if the Cliffs Notes were really quite expensive.

Ah, well. Off to the Ladies' Bible Study, and to hope that Jacob is not too bothered to be at school and hope that we don't need to acquire any new Fresno services today.

Barbara  – (24 February 2009 at 17:36)  

Sorry to hear about the mishap, but glad it wasn't any worse. Babi

Jen  – (25 February 2009 at 07:42)  

they are all good things, as you have spite of the trauma that has occurred to get you there!
i still think you need to use Facebook again as I am a horrible blogger/blog reader! Just sayin'...

Sarah  – (25 February 2009 at 19:36)  

I like your attitude. Might I also recommend, from experience, a drive to FIND the emergency room, the best way to get there, and where to park in daylight hours, while Jason is in town, and without a screaming, bleeding child in the backseat. It may really be handy at some point...

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