In the Black Chair Today

I have spent several hours in the Black Chair this morning. The Black Chair is the nice swivel chair in front of our computer. (And I was once again doubting that I could find an illustrating picture to go with this on Flickr, but of course there are thousands of pictures of swivel chairs on Flickr. Amazing.)

I have been in the Black Chair because I have been online looking up everything I need to know about transferring my teaching certificates to California, as well as applying to sub here.

Sigh. It just takes so much paperwork to do these things. Plus things like standardized tests, fingerprints and a surprising amount of money. By the time I turn in all the fees needed to do all of this, I will have to work several days just to break even. Hmm...perhaps it's just better to do nothing...but I doubt it.

Anyway, I have now printed off every application possible for this process, and reams of information of how the process is supposed to go. I am trying to get excited about it, but, well...some things you do whether you are excited or not.

In other news, the boys and I have been working on getting our Lego business going. We have all of our parts sorted again after the move, and are now entering our inventory into the computer. Most recently I have been look at the minifigure heads, and I am especially appreciating their Lego-given descriptions. I think that if I ever get into writing fiction, I will borrow some of these. Such as, "From across the room she saw him, his face set with heavy eyebrows, a stubbly beard, and a fiercely grinning/yelling expression..." Yep, that's minifig head 3626bpx453 for you.

A final piece of random news is that Jason and I have decided to reduce the price of our Morgantown house...again. (Insert another sigh here.) Anyone want to buy a house?

That's about all I have for today.

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