What a Difference A Few Days Make

I think the day of my last "real" post was Thursday. ( I'm not counting the comment on the hot weather - the way things are heating up around here, that could just be a daily insert to every post I write. I could just make "Wow, it's hot here today. In other blog news.." the default introductory sentence to every post from now until - October, most likely.)

But I digress. My last real post was Thursday, and now it's Wednesday, and wow, have big things happened between then and now. On last Thursday, I was thinking that we were about 10 days away from real house shopping here. The plan was for us to start looking at everything available in the area we wanted to move into after Memorial Day, and hopefully find something to make an offer on as soon as our house closes in WV (around June 1).

I knew we really couldn't do much before then because there are so few conventional sales out there (mainly foreclosures and short sales), and we have learned that banks don't really accept offers with any kind of contingencies. However, that didn't stop me from daily perusing through every online real estate listing site I could find just to see what was out there.

It was on one of these online forays on Saturday morning I ran across a house that had been listed just the day before. It was right around the corner from Jacob's school, had four bedrooms, two living areas, a large backyard, and a pool - all in (but at the top of) our price range. Even better, it was not a short sale or foreclosure.

I emailed our realtor, and his response was that yes, he agreed that it seemed like an great value for the location, and we looked at it after church on Sunday. We mulled it over that night, Jason made some calls, and we made an offer on it Monday afternoon. Carl (our realtor) told us that we certainly didn't want to wait longer than that. Actually, what he said was that we could take a few days to think about it, but we would be thinking about a house that wouldn't be there anymore.

After we made the offer, we waited. I was feeling like there was a good chance we would be outbid, because we offered lower than the asking price. Plus, we knew that other people were already looking at it - when we were in the house on Sunday, there were about 9 realtor cards of people that had already shown it in the first 24 hours that it was listed.

However, about 5:30 we learned that they accepted our offer! A son and daughter are selling this house that belonged to their father, and she already signed her acceptance of the offer last night - he is supposed to do it today. Apparently the daughter is happy that it will be bought by a young family - and a minister, as well.

So, wow! All our big plans for days filled with scouting out everything next week were condensed into about forty eight hours.

So now we wait for the Morgantown house to finish up, and then we will hopefully be in the new house by the end of June! Everything so far looks really promising.

Thanks again for all of you who have continually prayed for this long process - we are really, really blessed that things are going so well.

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