The Curtains Are Doing Me In

I have spent several grueling hours over the past two days shopping for fabrics for curtains. Why is this grueling? Well, this curtain process is all very complicated, that's why. Our local fabric store is having a huge sale on their home decor fabric, and I decided to take advantage of it to select some fabrics for our living room and kitchen. However, there are just so many choices, and I just can't decide...

After two hours of looking at every possibility of both in-store and special order fabrics, I found myself thinking, "You know, it just isn't that important. They're just curtains." But I just couldn't make myself just grab one of the choices and just go with it. Perhaps it's because it's our new home, and I want it to look as nice as possible, and I'm choosing the fabric all by myself, and the weight of it is solely on me...

So, here I am. Stuck between, "What difference does it make in the grand scheme of things what curtains we have" and "I want our home to be as nice as I can make it."


pat  – (9 August 2009 at 15:50)  

Sometimes you have to look at curtains a very long time - chose carefully!

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