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Jacob found his room looking like this when he came home from his field trip yesterday afternoon:

It obviously was a shock, but I think it was a little exciting, since it means that his room is finally facing some real transformation.

My original plan was to remove all the wallpaper from the room (and ceiling) and paint it like I did the kitchen. However, the plan changed as I went along. Here's how it all developed:

(On my to-do list one month ago)
Remove all wallpaper from Jacob's room and paint room.

(On my to-do list two weeks ago, after I finished the kitchen project.)
Remove all wallpaper all wallpaper except for the ceiling, then paint over the ceiling wallpaper.

(On my to-do list 8:00 Thursday morning)
Remove all wallpaper except for the ceiling wallpaper on the three main walls, then paint over the ceiling wallpaper, as well as the wall with the bay windows in it.

(On my to-do list Thursday about 11:30 a.m.)
Remove wallpaper on the three main walls on the two walls that I've already started and paint over the rest of the wallpaper.

As a result, I finished these two walls, sanded them, sealed the torn drywall, skimmed them with drywall compound, and sealed them again.

This wall I just sealed over the portion that I started to try to de-wallpaer, and am planning to paint over this wall just like this (patched spot and all):

The rest of the walls I will just try and paint over, including the oh-so-lovely ceiling:

For this job, I will need an oil-based primer, which I picked up at the local home-improvement store yesterday. So hopefully by this evening, Jacob's room should have a whole new look.

It should be interesting to see how the de-wallpapered spots compare to the painted-over spots. We shall see - very soon.

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