When Texting Goes Bad (Updated)

Well, last night I got a call from my friend Emily, who now lives in West Virginia, but used to live in Kentucky. As soon as the call came through, I suspected she was the Mysterious Text Recipient, and of course, she was.

We had a great time laughing about the whole thing. She said that every time I happened to be texting about a UT football game, it was also WVU game day, so she didn't think that was too weird (even though she had no idea who was texting her). However, after I sent the big long text about my nephew's school situation, she just didn't quite know how to answer that one, so she stopped responding. She also didn't recognize my voice when I called her yesterday morning thinking she was my brother, and didn't figure it all out until her mom read my blog yesterday.

So, the mystery is solved. At least it was someone I knew, and at least (as I mentioned yesterday) I didn't say horrible things about people living in Kentucky or anything equally embarrassing.

In other news I did actually text my brother yesterday. Twice. Once he even texted me back.

At least I think it was him...

Rob  – (29 December 2009 at 15:00)  

OK, so here is how it goes on this end...

I am sittign with the extended family enjoying some holiday down time. And I get a text. This happens to be during a time I DID have my phone on me, but I occasionally left it in the other room during this down time - usually when I was still wearing shorts/tights after a run.

I look at the text and it says: OK, so what size shoe do you wear? It is from a number I did not recognize, and an area code I did not recognize. So now a dilemma ... do I respond? Is this legit or is it some fruitcake asking creepy questions?

I did not repsond immediately, but eventually respond and hope that someone is not out there using the information of a size 10 foot for some nefarious purpose.

Because I am at the in-laws, I have not been checking my usual blog postings, so had no idea what was going on until our mother mentioned during a phone call that Julie was trying to text me. She also informed me that Julie's area code had recently changed, which is why her name did not appear with the anonymous text.

Whew - glad we got that worked out!!

Julie  – (29 December 2009 at 16:49)  

Shoe Size? I didn't ask you your shoe size.

Sarah  – (5 January 2010 at 14:47)  

Y'all are hilarious! As always...

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