Hey, My Bathroom is Green!

I was just delighted when I came back from Austin last week to discover that my bathroom had been painted green. Okay, so yes, I painted it before we left. However, there was real joy in remembering that I had stayed the course and finished the job before I left. Because to tell the truth, there's a serious problem with my relationship with paint. The truth is that I've just lost that lovin' feeling as far as painting is concerned. In fact, I have written a sad letter to paint in general, which is will post tomorrow (Really, I will.)

For now, let me show you the before and after of the bathroom. I unfortunately don't have any shots with the flowery wallpaper on, but here you can see the remnants of some of the paper that I removed. This room actually won the "Easiest Removed Wallpaper" award, because fortunately the previous owners had actually painted before they put the wallpaper up. There was great rejoicing in the house remodeling world when that was discovered, let me tell you.

I also must mention my immense gratitude to Jason's father, who (with the result of unfortunate personal injury) removed the last remnants of the wallpaper in this room when he was here for Thanksgiving. He was standing on the bathroom counter when a combination of a slippery counter top and and a misstep sent him crashing to the floor. He twisted his ankle and is now, just last week, starting to run again. So, so sorry about that.

So, here is the before picture of the bathroom wall with the mirrors. You can see in one of the mirrors a green paint sample, but that's not the color I actually used. Plus you can see the lovely brass mirrors and light fixtures:

Below is actually a picture after I primed it, so it looks nice and white here. Well, except for that hand towel. It looks a little dingy.

Here is the after picture. I really do like this green color. It's green, but not country green. I'm sure this is no surprise, but I spray painted the mirror frames, although my goal is to eventually replace them. When I go back to work I would like to replace the tile counter tops, but you know how that goes. In the meantime, I want to replace the light fixtures and paint the bathroom cabinets, but not now. Much, much later.

Here is the shot from the door. I still need to touch up the trim and yes, put the air register back in. Perhaps I should paint that brown door, too - later. All in all, I think it's a nice improvement.

Tomorrow I'll post my "Dear John" letter to paint, although I have to warn you, it's pretty sad.

Sarah  – (11 January 2010 at 12:04)  

Maybe you shouldn't get a job and just start flipping houses! That looks great! I guess if you're breaking up with paint, though, it will be hard to flip houses...

Bob  – (11 January 2010 at 12:44)  

Like the kid art picture.

Bob  – (11 January 2010 at 12:44)  

Actually, that's me, not him. I grabbed the computer to read your blog. Mom

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