And Now for a California Horticulture Report

You know, even after a year in Fresno, the different plants here still are a curiosity to me. I frequently see bushes and trees that I want to document here on the blog, especially those trimmed into very unnatural shapes. However, this desire to share is almost always negated by my hesitancy to take pictures of other people's yards. I just worry that the homeowners will mind that I am doing this and it will lead to some kind of front yard conflict. And I hate conflict - especially of the front yard variety.

However, I did manage to secretly snap a few pictures of some trees yesterday. I have felt sorry for these trees ever since they were sadly de-branched awhile back. I'm sure that there is some good reason to prune trees like this, but I think it just makes them look so - sad. Look at this one - bare and branchless - thrusting its nubby hands up to the heavens in silent tree despair.

Now, this one, however, it still carrying on its job of holding up a bird's nest, despite having lost all its tree extremities some time ago:

This one, however, decided to take the"do not go gentle into this good (branchless) night" path, and is now letting the world know how it feels about this cruel pruning treatment:

To answer your silent question, yes, I am easily amused. But in light of all the emotions out there in the world, I think that amused is really not such a bad thing.

Rob  – (1 February 2010 at 11:39)  

Not sure what these tree are, but in Tyler, they would "top" (cut like you have shown here) the crepe myrtles to make them bushier up top, rather than continue to grow up and out. This may be what is going on here. The horticulturists say this is a bad thing to do, although many people in Tyler apparently have an aversion to listening to horticulturists.

Or, it may be something that one neighbor did many years ago to keep the tree from scraping against the house and all of the other neighbors, having no idea how to actually take care of such tress, followed suit. That was so many years ago, no one can remember why it was actually done in the first place. You know, kind of like the roast.

Ann  – (1 February 2010 at 11:52)  

Sure, the trees are amusing...but I am more stunned (jealous, really) at the complete LACK of snow or ice or anything cold-looking on your street. Can I come live with you? Just until May....

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