Not Peering into the Mouth of the Gift Horse

Well, I feel like I am a little off track with my posting the past week or so with these sub days that I've been having. I was with that (extremely talkative) first grade yesterday, and this afternoon I go back to Pre-K. As a result, my "normal" posting routine has been thrown for a loop (as has my new habit of picking up/cleaning, I might add). However, around here we often use the phrase "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth", so I will not.

I did hope to get up pictures of my new hallway shelves up, but considering that I just put them on the wall about ten minutes ago and I need to leave here in about fifteen minutes, that's obviously not going to happen right now. I will tell you that I think they were a success, and here is one picture to show that:

Yes, if nothing else, they are level.

Off to sing songs about the letter "J".

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