Well, it didn't take long for the Mosaic Bug to hit me again. In the last few years before we moved from Morgantown, I was lucky enough to be able to work on two large outdoor mosaics there at our church. You can see one of them here. Through those experiences and a few resulting smaller projects I discovered that I really do love making mosaics. There's just something about arranging the smaller pieces to make a bigger picture that I really enjoy. It's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, in a permanent kind of way.

Of course, at the same time, I discovered that planning and executing a wall-size mosaic is a huge project that you don't want to undertake every day - or every year, really. I liken it to childbirth - when you're done with it, you vow that you will never do it again. But like childbirth, after you let some time pass, you find yourself at least considering it again, if only for the end benefits.

While it took me about a year to start thinking about making something on a bigger scale, I have kept some degree of mosaic interest since the very first project. This usually comes in the form of "Oooh, I Could Smash This" thoughts when seeing interesting plates and cups in different settings. (I do feel that I should let my friends know that this feeling only comes in thrift stores and garage sales - I have yet to feel any strong urges to smash any of their good china or Fiestaware.)

Plus, it has been a comforting thing when I have accidentally broken any plates or cups (salt shakers, etc.) in our recent move. Instead of just mourning the loss of something valuable, I can put it in the "Mosaic Materials" bin and know that it will be represented in some way in my next project.

Of course, this new project is not going to be made of broken dishes or tiles - we're working with all glass this time. It won't be as massive at the previous mosaics, but it will run down the length of a wall - about a foot high and 75 feet long.

Yep, I'm excited. More details will be coming soon.

picture by bloomgal (Creative Commons License: Attribution, No Derivatives, Non-Commercial)

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