Words Heard Subbing

You know, some words just make a substitute teacher want to move faster than other words.  For example:

by gregw (Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike)

These words (heard by me last week) make a teacher want to run for the hand sanitizer.

This goes for children licking Mr. Potatohead, too.  Or each other.  Because remember, we can hug our friends at school, but we do NOT lick our friends.  Words to live by right there.

And then there are words also heard last week from one of the other teachers in the classroom I was subbing in: "Yes, our regular sub won't come back anymore.  Little Johnny hit her the last time she was here."

Those words just make a teacher want to run for the door. 

At least all of the jobs are not like that. 

Which is a good thing for Mr. Potatohead.

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