A Day at Home

 I am absolutely relishing a "Stay at Home Day" today with no sub calls and no meetings or errands planned.   I did go to the gym this morning, but now have several hours ahead of me, ripe with creative potential.

In addition to the seedlings that need to be separated and the waiting mosaic materials that I showed yesterday,  I also have these fun projects calling my name:

  An uncompleted "Teacher Tote Bag"

 A variety of purchased flowers to put into pots

A new scrapbooking/art project

So, which will it be?  One of these fun things above, or something else?  Something else like the dirty dishes clamoring for attention in the kitchen, or the pile of ironing patiently waiting for days to be taken care of?  Or perhaps any of the other numerous house jobs that have been (ever so sadly) neglected over the past week or so?

Well, before I say loudly that "Work Before Fun" really stinks, I will say that I will start on these Work jobs first, and then I will choose one of these fun things above after that. 

Perhaps I'll get a Stay at Home Day tomorrow, too...

Barbara  – (15 April 2010 at 15:05)  

I vote for the bag, because I'm looking forward to the time I can sew one of my recycled blue jeans bags. Hope your day went well. Love, Mom

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