I Just Hope the Volkswagen People Know What They've Done

Okay, so yesterday I was at the gym, trying to avoid seeing Fox news and looking out the plate glass window onto the parking lot.  While I was intently gazing that way, I suddenly saw a Volkswagen bug drive by.    Immediately, my first impulse was to look around for someone to - well - hit. 

Yes, this is what the Volkswagen people have done to me and everyone in my family.  Not only do I have some not-so-light bruises on my arms from the boys slugging me, it has become my own instinct to slug others when I see one go by.  (Mainly I think this stems from my desire to get back at the boys, though, so I look for any opportunity to justly give as I have received.)

You know, when I was young, we played the Volkswagen game, too.  Only we didn't slug each other.  We called them "swatbugs", and actually, we didn't even swat each other.  We just kept score - 1 for a bug, and 10 for a bus.  We would say "Swatbug yellow" or "Swatbug blue", and then just "Swatbug bus" if we were really lucky.

Now, with this new wave, the rules have changed. In our family, the main rule is one hit per vehicle - total.  Once a hit has been delivered, not one else can claim that car and hit again.    You most certainly can not, as my younger son tried to do last night, use the same vehicle over and over...and over. (We were driving from the church building to a frozen yogurt place along with a number of friends, and one of the friends has a yellow VW.  As we drove along alongside it, Jacob would wait until another car temporarily obscured it from view, and then once it reappeared, he would claim it all over again, not caring that it was the same vehicle. And the same mother that he was slugging over and over.)

So, in summary, the Volkswagen people have us hitting each other all the time, as we have developed this hyper-vigilant sense of VW awareness at all times.  And not just for the bugs and buses either.  Now it's for any Volkswagen. 

So, do the Volkswagen people know what they've done?   Yeah, I'm thinking they do.

Sarah  – (19 April 2010 at 13:58)  

And this made me laugh out loud...

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