The Two Post-Loss Roads

You know, when your favorite team loses in a big tournament, there are two paths you can take after the loss concerning the ensuing games.  You can either hope that the team that beat your team goes all the way, thus making your team's loss more understandable and a perhaps even easier to swallow.  (You know, "Our team just got beat by a really, really good team - did you see how they won the championship game?")

Or you can be filled with a perhaps irrational bitterness toward the victorious team, and just root against them because you're - well - bitter. ("I don't care who they play - I just hope they get beat.")

Which post-loss road will I be taking tonight while I watch the game?  Well, I really hate own up to such irrational and meaningless bitterness, so let's just change the perspective completely and say that second to rooting for my teams, I love to root for underdogs.

Which in this particular case means under-bull-dogs.

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