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 You would think that with all these days between posts that I would have been off hard at work on my address plaque, I was off hard at work on other things, though.

The address plaque, however, has stalled out at the moment. We did have our gathering over here last Thursday night, and had a great time. There were about eight women here, and we had a nice dinner and then everyone worked on their own plaque.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the plaques-in-progress. However, I will take pictures of them when we get together to finish them up - one night is just not enough time for the whole project.

Here's how mine looks at the moment:

Yes, I know.  Pretty unimpressive after a whole evening of work on it.  But this is mainly because I spent most of my time picking out and placing a border of pieces that came from a very pretty blue ceramic plate.  I glued it all down, looked at it for a few minutes - and then pulled it all off.  It's just that I couldn't figure out where to go next with it.  Sure, the blue was nice and all, but that's all I could come up with. 

Today I place a few pieces of this plate on the plaque in its current state so you could get an idea:

The fact that I spent all that time putting on the blue and then just pulled it off was quite frustrating to one of my co-workers.  However, not as frustrating as it will be when she reads here that now that I look at this picture, I'm think I really am liking the blue best...

Well, anyway.  The border will be either blue or white.  The numbers will be white.  And that's all I know so far.

Sarah  – (24 May 2010 at 13:34)  

I do like the blue... whichever way that makes me vote...

AnneS –   – (24 May 2010 at 18:02)  

I like the blue, too! And I wish I was there to make one too instead of spending the last 10 days of school with a bunch of crazy five-year-olds that don't want to listen to me or do anything! lol :)

Anonymous –   – (25 May 2010 at 08:44)  

Ok - So I am the friend that told her to leave the blue.... Or maybe I should say "coworker". ;-)
Anyway, after reading a previous post, now I feel HORRIBLE about using your fish bowl and other precious mementos from other countries. ARGH! Please let me know if you want to use all those pretty little pieces on the plaque I did. I can come over and pull them off for you. You and I both know that's what your plaque needs....
Thanks for having us over! One day in heaven, I want to meet all you friends from Julie's West Virgina days! I know we'll be laughing & crafting there too together! Love =D'Andra

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