Random Thursday Thoughts

Well, I haven't written any random thoughts lately, but believe me, I've been thinking them.  Here's what's on my mind today:

1.  I seem to be doing some age-progression subbing this week.  I started with three days of preschool, and today subbed half-day for kindergarten.  Tomorrow I shoot up to sixth grade.  And let me just say that I'm glad it's the weekend after that, because that's about as high as I want to go.

2.  Subbing can can be hard work, but it does give me lots of blog fodder.  Like today when I overhead three girls at school talking who looked to be about second grade.  They were carrying a big plastic tub holding lunch boxes between them on the way back from the cafeteria, and they were discussing why they had to carry it and not drag it on the ground.  Any guesses?  Because if they dragged it on the ground, it would burst into flames, of course.  All that sidewalk friction - it's a pretty dangerous force. 

Or the kindergartner who leaned over to me during recess and asked conspiratorially, "Know what my mom can make?"  He paused here dramatically while looking around to make sure no one else was listening.  "My mom came make jello (whispered)."  And how can you respond to that except to nod as if you're super-impressed and say, "Cool."

3.  I'm planning to be busy this afternoon ordering Lego parts to complete sets.  It is really, really time to sell all of these and let them crowd someone else's house.

4.  While I order Legos this afternoon I'm going to be listening to the new Glee songs that I downloaded from iTunes yesterday.  Yep  - really like that show.

5.  And last, but not least, my opinion on Cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest Bread Company?  Wonderful.  Not cheap, but wonderful.

And that's all my random thoughts for this Thursday - at least the ones that I want to write down.

Sarah  – (27 May 2010 at 15:32)  

Oh, to impress my children with my jello making skills. My kids would be much more impressed if I could make that tub of lunchboxes burst into flames.

Angel  – (28 May 2010 at 07:29)  

I was imagining the little boy and I think I know why he is impressed. All of the other kids probably take the premade jello to school. HIS mom can actually MAKE it. I had a similar experience once with popcorn. People didn't know you could actually make it on the stove. They thought it had to be done in the microwave. Of course for a while my kids thought drinking water HAD to come out of the hole in the refridgerator. Times have changed.

AnneS –   – (29 May 2010 at 07:52)  

Yum! Cinnamon chip bread sounds wonderful. Maybe I will have to make caramel nut bars instead since we don't have a Great Harvest Bread Company here. And you are a very brave woman for subbing at this time of year! I have no fun school stories right now---just survival. One of my little girls does think that John should get me a new dress for our kindergarten graduation on Thursday. She thinks I should wear a wedding dress! I told her I already did that once and it is NOT happening again! lol

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