Yard Gifts

You've got to love it when you discover flowers like this growing out in your yard one day:

I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are, but they are beautiful - and huge.  I took a picture of my hand stretched out in front of one to show that each bloom is as big as a handspan.  However, I was then less than thrilled at how my hand looked, so you will just have to imagine it.  Put your hand out in front of you and stretch your fingers out, and yes, that's how big each of these blooms are.

I'll have to do some research on what they are.  The blooms are like lilies, but the foliage is more tulip-looking, so I'm not so sure.

 We have two of these plants.  One is out in the open, and one is lurking between two sago palms, almost out of sight.  After they finish blooming I may have to move that one to a more prominent location. 

I suppose finding new and exciting flowers in your yard is one the benefits that offset the hassle of moving to a new home. 

Kind of like yard gifts from God, at least in my opinion.

Barbara  – (11 May 2010 at 09:31)  

And how long was that house unlived in before you guys bought it and moved in? Just think of all those flowers lurking and waiting to bloom for you. And where were they last summer? Did we just not notice them.

Laura  – (11 May 2010 at 21:43)  

I believe that flower is an Amaryllis. It is beautiful. God reminding you of his blessings this week.

Barbara  – (12 May 2010 at 14:54)  

I think that's right! I've received some as gifts and the kids in school were always so interested. Even 4 year olds can practically see the thing grow -- and can always tell the difference between the time they leave in the afternoon and come back the next morning.

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