A Little Late Night Painting

 I had a little late-night painting session last night, as I started painting our laundry room about 10:00 pm. The boys were both gone to a sleepover, and of course Jason has been out of town all week, and it just seemed like the thing to do to maximize the time while everyone was gone.

I at first just intended to put a few swipes of the paint on the walls to see how it was going to look. However, it immediately made the laundry room look as if a grisly murder had been carried out there, so I felt like I had to continue the job (or sleep really poorly). I stopped painting about 11:30, knowing that the job couldn't be finished anyway until Jason helped me move the washer and dryer out of the way.

Right now it looks like this:

 In some spots it does still look a little crime scene-ish, but in a more well-covered crime scene-ish kind of way.   As soon as Jason can help with the appliances I will get the roller to it and finish it all up nicely.

The paint is actually leftover paint that our friends the Paffords used on their game room. Despite that fact that it is red (which is notorious for needing a lot of coats), it has such good coverage that they had lots left over.  So they let one of our mutual friends have the leftover, and she painted a wall in her house with it.  Then she passed it on to me, and perhaps I will pass it on to someone who needs an even smaller surface painted red. 

I think that after the paint gets completely distributed we should have a progressive dinner at all of the houses that used it.  But not neccessarily in the rooms where the paint was used, of course, although that would make the dinner all the more interesting.

Of course that means that I should pass it on to someone who is a good cook.  Hey, Sandra - want some red paint? 

Sandra  – (18 June 2010 at 17:55)  

You're so funny...and I do love red. However, I have all I can handle at the moment playing nurse to my crippled husband. BUT WAIT! Maybe I could just paint a tiny little spot, and then still be included in the progressive dinner? I get dessert and coffee, please. :)

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