Back from Camp

The boys and I got back on Saturday from a week at summer camp.  Since then we've all been kind of staggering around tiredly - there's nothing like a week of camp to just take it out of you. 

Camp this year had several more interesting elements to it than last year.  For example, there were several snakes spotted, including a rattlesnake (spotted and killed).  There was a plethora of injuries, ranging from poison oak to spider bites to sprained limbs.  (Of course, we did have about 50 more campers than last year, and of course that meant almost exponentially more injuries.)  There was a homeless person wandering the camp taking showers in various cabins in the middle of the night.  Last but not least, there was even a fire of sorts caused by an electrical malfunction in the boys bathroom, and boy was that exciting. 

However, as in the case of many things, it was these problems/obstacles during the week that really brought out the best in everyone.  People (both campers and staff) worked together to problem solve and help and pray in the midst of the most challenging events, and that's what the campers will take home with them. 

Along with some awfully good stories to tell for years to come.

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