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Well, I have been thinking that once I started teaching school, I would have enough interesting things happen to me that they would force me to start writing on the blog again. 

And actually, enough things happened today on the first day of school to fill many, many posts.  I'm not even sure I could remember all the mishaps and harried-on-the-edge-of-frenzied situations that happened today.  In fact, pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong.  However, we did make it through the day. 

Right now, however, I'm off to see how my personal children's first day of school day was.

Bob  – (23 August 2010 at 18:18)  

Hang in there. There's good in there somewhere.

AnneS –   – (23 August 2010 at 18:44)  

Glad to hear that you are still alive. We survived the first day of kindergarten here in WV, but just barely! Hope the boys had a great first day! Can't believe Jericho is in high school! I'm sure you and Jason can't either.

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