San Luis Obsipo Pier

Here are some pictures of our quick visit to Avila Beach last Friday afternoon.  We had fish tacos on the pier, while wishing for our jackets in the cool weather.

It's interesting now that I didn't actually take any pictures of the ocean scenery...

Hmmm.  This owl is obviously doing a great job scaring the birds away here on top of the restaurant.  (Insert sarcasm font here.)

While we were sitting and eating our lunch we suddenly heard barking - and not dog barking.  It turns out that a whole host of sea lions were under the pier where we were sitting.
At first we just saw this guy...

...and then we saw the whole family piled up in the sun.  You could actually take some stairs down to the platform where they were lying...but we didn't.  Um, no thanks - we like to believe those signs that say, "Sea Lions Bite".
This is where we were:
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