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Today I'm going to write about something other than my class, because the past few days have gone so well that I have once again come to realize that there really is life outside of preschool.  (See, that's what some good chocolate will do for you...)

Today I want to talk about my recent Ebaying.  (And yes, despite what spell check thinks, "Ebay" is a verb.)  I sold a few things in the last week after doing a little yard sale-ing.  No, they weren't Legos, although I would have snatched up any Legos I saw at a yard sale - I may be tired of them, but they're quite valuable, relatively speaking.

No, these were Thomas the Tank Engine trains.  Jacob and I were at one sale and were poking around in a big box full of random today when I saw a Thomas box with like new tracks and cars.  I took it home and starting poking around on Ebay to see what they were worth.  I saw that Thomas tracks and basic cars weren't worth much, but some cars were.  One set seemed to be particularly rare, with the three of them selling new for as high as $150.  "Wow," I thought to myself.  "It would be great if those cars were in there." 

And sure enough, they were! (Although these were used and obviously not as valuable.)  So I listed those three, along with the other things in the box.
Here's what I got for them:

 Thomas Family of Four - $25

Various Tracks and Basic Cars: $15

Ada, Jane and Mabel Trio - $52

So, everything sold for about $90.  Which is pretty good, considering that I got them all for $1.

Perhaps I should spend more time at yard sales...

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