September Days Bring...Pollen

Well, apparently a new wave of pollen blew in over the weekend, leaving lots of the little children stopped up on Day #11.   We had red noses, stopped up noses, and not-very-well-wiped noses.  I even had one little one inform me that she had "burgers" in her nose.  

Fortunately, this did not keep them from having a fairly good day.  I was worried that returning from the long Labor Day weekend was going to include some weepy, perhaps-even-cranky children.  However, everyone came in quite happily today - I didn't even have to peel anyone off their parent/dropper offer today - I just needed to gently hug one until Mom was out the door.

In general on Day #11, sitting on the carpet and listening was a 7/10.
Cleaning up was a 6/10.
Sitting down on the carpet after cleaning up and not spinning around/sword fighting on the carpet like a wild dervish was a sad 2/10.
Walking in line, however, was an 8.5/10.

Of course, then there was my "Must Talk to The Teacher At All Costs" child, standing in front of me as the kids were lining up to leave the playground.  I was singing the "Icky Sticky, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum" song with them as a transition song, and here she was in front of me, wanting my attention.  It went like this:

Me:  Icky sticky, icky sticky bubblegum, bubblegum, bubblegum...
Child (softly): Teacher....teacher...
Me:  Icky sticky, icky sticky bubblegum, it makes my hands stick to my chin.
Child (slightly louder) Teacher...teacher...
Me:  And I pull it - and I pull it- and I pull it awaaayyyy!
Child: (starts tapping my stomach): Teacher...teacher

Me:  (starting new verse): Icky sticky, icky sticky bubblegum, bubblegum, bubblegum..."

Child (moving to mild pounding) Teacher....teacher...
Me: Icky sticky, icky sticky bubblegum - hey, I'm singing the bubblegum song here -  it makes my hands stick to my neck."
Child (slightly louder) But I have to tell you something...
Me: And I pull it - (ouch!) and I pull it - (ouch!) and I pull it awaaayyyy! -Is this really important?

Child: Yes, it's very important.

I then put the brakes on the song. 

Me:  Okay, Suzy Student, what's so important?
Child:  Ummm, I've been sneezing a lot lately.
Me:   Sigh.    Icky sticky, icky sticky bubblegum...

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