The Stance

Okay, everyone.  Up on your feet.  Or at least imagine you're up on your feet.  Place one foot slightly in front of the other, so your body is facing slightly to one side.  Whichever foot is in front, angle that shoulder to the front, as well.  Then put up your fists - the jutted-out shoulder side to the front, and the other back by your chest.  Yes, kind of like a boxer.  Then make a mean face, and say to your preschool teacher, "Can I do this?"

Preschool teacher is puzzled.  "Umm...why?"  (Preschool teacher automatically thinks that Mr. Boxer Stance is fed up with another child continually pestering him in class, and wants to put up a menacing, if technically non-violent front.)  "Are you going to do that to someone else?"

"No - it's for my picture today." 

Ohh!  Preschool Teacher realizes that yes, it is school picture day, and this he is showing her how he wants to pose for his picture.

"Well," she says.  "I think it looks kind of mean for the school picture."

"Oh, no - " he shakes his head.  "I'm going to smile."  And he does just that - beams charmingly down in boxer stance.  "Can I?  Can I do that?"

What can you say to that?  This Preschool Teacher decided to let the picture people take care of it.

It turns out that at the last minute, he only went for the big smile for the actual picture, and abandoned the menacing boxer pose. 

Although I certainly would have loved to have a copy of the picture the other way.

Sarah  – (9 September 2010 at 16:09)  

Man, teaching pre-K has awesome blog material. :-) Precious.

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