Still Winning

A friend asked me on Friday evening of last week who was winning: me or the children (or would that be "the children or I".   Whatever.)   Fortunately by that time last week, I could answer that I was.  Despite a very shaky start to the week (and at least two days when the kids were definitely winning), it all shaped up very nicely by Friday.

I think I also "won" today and yesterday, too.  Yesterday was actually a wonderful day, with everyone behaving splendidly.  Part of this was due to the fact that my friend Gay came and volunteered all day yesterday, adding another set of hands to the mix.  (Thanks, Gay.)  Today was not as smooth as yesterday, but still good, as days go.

We've been extra busy this week.  We've been making apple trees by painting our forearms and hands, and then adding thumbprint apples.  We're going to make apples to hang on our classroom tree by crumpling newspaper around a pipe cleaner, wrapping this with masking tape, and then painting the whole thing red.  We've been making play dough in small groups, with each group making an apple color.  Yesterday was red, and today was very dark green.  Tomorrow will be yellow.

In other classroom news:

One of our students has a new baby brother, born just yesterday.  When asked to come to the front of the class to share this news, she stood up importantly and then spoke. "My sister and I got sick this morning,"  she proclaimed.  Which apparently wasn't even true.

One student reported to all of us that his ears were closed.  He fell off of his bike, and he got hurt.  This was his response to me having the person in front of him turn around and tell him to please not spit on her, she didn't like that.  When I asked if he had heard her words, he then told us about the unfortunate ear-closing bike accident. 
We had actual fortune cookies with the hot lunches yesterday.  And of course, we had to read all the fortunes to them, which made absolutely no sense at all (to us or to them).  One student (we'll call him James) reportedly solemnly that he didn't think that his father really knew how to read those fortunes, because whenever he got one out of a cookie, he said it said, "James eats well."

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