The Birthday

Well, I suppose that even forty-second birthdays can still be fun.  (Until I wrote that, of course.  That word looks really, really old).  My family took me to lunch after church yesterday, and then surprised me with a trip to the plant nursery to pick out some flowers, which of course I loved.  Then I took a solo trip to the teacher store, where I leisurely strolled the aisles, picking up some fun teacher things.

Today my co-teachers brought me a coffee, and cupcakes to share with the class.  They also made me a paper birthday crown, which I wore all day.  I unfortunately don't have a picture of that to share, but I do have a picture of my plants in the varied light in the back of the car:

So, today when I asked the kids how old they thought I was, the first answers were very shocking.  The first was 50, and then then second was 90.  But the third was sixteen, and the rest were fours and fives, showing me that they really don't have a good sense of age.  Whew.

I think I'll go with sixteen - although a 29 would have been fine, too.

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