A Four-Band Aid Trip

Well, I had a four-band aid trip to the Emergency room last night.  It all started when I was loading the dishwasher after dinner while waiting for some cookies to bake.  I pulled a glass cereal bowl out of the sink and accidentally hit it against the tile edge of the counter on its way to the dishwasher.  It broke, cutting my left pinkie finger.  To make matters worse, I tried to grab it with my other hand to stop it from falling before realizing that it was broken.  Needless to say, this was not a very good situation for my fingers.

Jericho was the only other one home at the time, and was very helpful to get the cookies out the oven and turn the oven off while I sat on the couch applying pressure to my fingers while feeling a little - strange.   I managed a peek at the pinkie finger after a few minutes and decided that it probably needed to be stitched up, so as soon as Jason got home we went off to the emergency room.

I've heard lots of horror stories of having to wait many hours at emergency rooms, but my visit only lasted an hour total.  I ended up with three stitches on my left pinkie, and just band aids on two other cut places.   It all went very smoothly, except for the shot to numb the finger, which is responded to by hollering, "Ouch!  That hurts!", which seemed kind of silly considering the many more serious injuries that they usually see in the emergency room. 

And while he was stitching, I just closed my eyes and tried to go to my happy place, since I don't have a very good history with being around stitches.  (read: heebie jeebies).

All in all it was a rather concise visit, with a rather sore finger left to show for it. 

Oh, and a tetanus shot - which was the reason for the fourth band aid.

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