A Morning At Home

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Well, I am enjoying a morning at home today, which has become a rare occurrence the past few weeks.  It seems there is always something going on in the mornings these days - a teacher in-service, a church meeting, school prep time at the Teachers' Center. 

Unfortunately, this flurry of AM activity (paired with many evening activities as well) makes me feel quite harried and - well, grumpy.  I don't like having one thing after another to go to.  I don't function well without some stretches of downtime in between the busyness. 

Now obviously, not long ago I had a full time job where I was working every morning, and of course we were still busy in the evenings then, too.  So of course the part time job gives me more "at home" time than I used to have.  However, I suppose I just get spoiled with the home time that I do have, and don't work well when it is taken away.

But isn't that how life works?  I suppose it's a lesson of making the best of what one has, and spending more time making use of the time I do have, instead of filling that time with general grumpiness and complaining.

Sigh.  I hate (in a very grumpy way) those kind of lessons.

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