Back with the Little People

I was back with the Little People today after our Spring Break.  While I thought I might feel happy and energized to see them again, and instead just felt...tired.  Tired and irritated that they proved to be  so loud, and demanding and needy.   Of course, in hindsight I realize that four and five years olds are supposed to act this way.  It's just that today I would have appreciated a little calmness, reserved behaviour and self-sufficiency - have I taught them nothing these past few months?

The truth is that I've felt quite worn out in general the past few days from the Mexico trip .  This morning I decided to lie down on the couch for "just 30 minutes" right after the boys left for school.  I even set the alarm on my phone.  Then I set it again.  Then I just gave up on the alarm.  Finally, after a very disconcerting dream where I was wandering around in several hazardous situations unable to open my eyes, I woke up and pulled myself off the couch.  Fortunately it was still an hour before I had to be at work, but still. 

So that is the word for today:  Tired.  

Time for a nap.

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