The Batik Wednesday Workshop

Well, we finished the Batik Wednesday Workshop a few weeks ago, and I have now recovered from it. As much as I love these creative projects, each one seems to tired me out more than the one before.  I actually think it's the Luke Project as a whole, actually.  I just am ready to be done.  (Formatted Weeks 13, 14, and 16 in the past week - just two more to go).Anyway, the Batik Banners did turn out to be a little fun.   Here are some pictures:

First, here is a fish that I made the day before the workshop as a demonstration.  Here is is painted:

And then with the glue washed out:

I also did an Earth one as an example too, but I wasn't as happy with it. Mainly because it was the vehicle by which I learned this important Glue Batiking Truth: Don't let the fabric sit too long on the newspaper after you have painted it. If you do, it will then look like this:

Even if you scrub it a lot, it will still keep a little bit of the day's news intact for you:

Regardless, here it is painted, and...

...and with the glue washed out. 

Here are the student ones:

Seahorse before:

And after washing:

Dog before:

And after washing out:  (not bad for a 5-year old)

Sea turtles before:

And after:

Here area  few banners that I only have the "before" picture of:

Free-hand snake:

Double Fish:

My friend who took this one home after her son painted it didn't realize that there was another step to the process, and simply put in on display proudly "as is" on their coffee table.  She did think it was a shame that he had painted over all those nice white lines...
Needless to say, they loved it even more after I told them to wash the glue out...

Cat Chasing Dog:


And here is the first of the three banners:

In the glue stage:


Washed out:

I actually have done the other two banners that complete the verse above, but I failed to take a picture before I took them up to the church for hanging.  I'll have to do that.

All in all, a fun and easy project.

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