I have been hearing people talk about Pinterest a lot on their blogs the past few months.  I knew that it was a site where you could "collect" images that you really like and "pin" them to your boards into categories.  Finally, after seeing so many Pinterest blog buttons around, I checked it out for myself.  I signed up for my own set of boards, and now just a short time later I am hooked.  Or rather, I am pinned.

There are or course many ways to find pictures for your board.  Usually I just go on my merry way around the web and when I see something I like, I click on "Pin It" on my Favorites menu.  I then pick a category for it to go in, such as "Things I Want to Make", or "Great Living Spaces", or "Mosaics", and it gets pinned on that board.

Sometimes, however, I just go to Pinterest and search for categories to see what is there.  Such as scrap spaces, or cubbies, or organization ideas.  Then I see what fun images other people have found and I repin them to my site.

I am going to install this button in the sidebar of my blog, but today I thought I would put it front and center so it will be super-easy to go and look at my boards, if you so desire:

Follow Me on Pinterest

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