Math Bags

I have a new Pinterest idea that I'm going to try this or next week.  It's linked to the picture below, and comes from   Basically the idea is that everyone takes some a Math Bag and brings back five objects in it.  Then you let the kids count them, and you sort them, graph, them, etc., etc.

I was at first stymied by the cost of buying a back for everyone to have, since my best source was the Dollar Tree at a dollar a bag.  (Because a: I don't have that big of a "Buy-It-Yourself" Teacher Budget, and b: I'm cheap).

However, this weekend I came across nice canvas bags at Michael's for 30 cents a bag.  So I bought 21 and fixed them all up with a Sharpie. 

Although somehow in the writing this happened:

So, after I go back and get a bag to replace this one, I will send them home with a note explaining about their purpose.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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