Yard Sale Treasure

I had a little time this afternoon to work in the garage, which is always a good thing.  Usually that means sorting out bags of things from school into their proper unit boxes, as well as  putting the empty bottles and boxes and cans and plastic lids that I've been collecting into their proper collection containers.  Today it meant sorting out several boxes of fun stuff that I picked up at a yard sale a few weeks ago. 

Now, I can almost always find something to use with the Little People at any given yard sale, but this particular sale was a preschool teacher's jackpot. Mainly because I have been working on providing more sensory activities for my kids this year, and therefore have been looking for things to put in themed sensory tubs.  Like this one, that I used for fall:

However, fake flowers and pom poms and little plastic doo dads can really add up, even when purchased at the dollar store.  That's why finding these type of things at a yard sale is so exciting.

Here are the boxes that I was unpacking today:

Out of these boxes I got things for Valentine's Day (including working heart lights):


Easter (although I may use the eggs to make snakes on Letter S Week:


And lots and lots of Christmas things.  I got these things, as well as the box below that is just full of silk Christmas flowers and ornaments:

Plus some other miscellaneous things that could go in several categories:

 All of these things plus two pair of jeans (for the baby quilts) were just $20.  Which, in my opinion, is a steal. 

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