A large number of nutcrackers were laid to rest today, returning to their towel-lined home in the long plastic red box.  This was after a month-plus of exhibiting all of their nutcracker splendor on the living room shelves of our home.

It was a delayed interment, put off for several days as the One-in-charge-of-all-interior-holiday-decorating procrastinated the solemn task ahead of her.

However, it has been done.

In all truth, the little men did not actually enjoy such a dignified resting place as is exhibited in the picture above and alternately, below.

In fact, they were laid to rest more in this manner, which brings to one's mind more of a sad, but space-necessary mass-nutcracker burial ground.

In fact, after the deed was done, this sole limb was found, all alone outside the big red box.  Unfortunately, it was unceremoniously tossed in the box with everything else, all dignity set aside.

This was due to the fact that the One-in-charge-of-all-interior-holiday-decorating knew that come next December (or perhaps late November if all went really well)  this task would repeat itself, and all bodily repairs could be done before the nutcrackers once again commandeered the living room as their own.

Plus the One-in-charge-of-all-interior-holiday-decorating was tired of it all.

Rest in peace, Little and Big Nutcrackers.  Until next year.

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