More Mosaics

Here are a few more finished boards.  At the moment, I believe we have 45 out of 65 done.  So far, so good.

The paint brush/branch here is one of my favorite elements - I just thought it turned out really neat.

Have you ever wondered why it was only after the second trip up the mountain to get new stone tables that Moses came down shiny?  Why wasn't he shiny the first time he came down?  Was it perhaps just a build-up of shininess?  I just don't know.
All during the making of this one I was thinking it was Pharaoh being mean the the slaves (hence the angry eyes).  However, when I got the original clip art to check how the bowed-down people looked, I noticed the caption said Joseph forgives his brothers.  Whoops.  Might have to remove the angry eyes and replace them with kinder, gentler, forgiving eyes.
Lots of blue going on here.

Sarah  – (22 February 2012 at 10:39)  

I think Moses could probably hear the arguing from up on the mountain. Lost all of his shine right then and there. Kind of like when you come home from a fabulous day with friends, a ladies' retreat, or getting your hair done and your kids storm out of the house to tattle on each other before you even get out of the car. You are totally going to lose your shine before you get in the house.

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