The End is Near...

...of the Mosaic Timeline Project, that is.  At this moment, I have only nine tiles here at the house to finish, and I would say those are already 50% completed.  My goal is to grout them this weekend and then hand them over to the people in charge of putting them up the first of this week.

Here are a few that were just finished:

Someone at the Girls' Night Out Mosaic party started this one, and then I finished it.  I loved how she put the little flecks of red in there for Naaman's sores.  I made the mouth of the friend on the left, but every time I look at it, I think, "Hey, Naaman, what's wrong, buddy? You look terrible.  But hey,enough about you -  look at my sparkling white teeth!"

The Ark of the Covenant, largely done by my friend Dee.

Solomon builds the temple.  Or rather, Solomon watches in his fancy clothes while the temple is built.

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