A Sure-Fire Path to New Little People Appreciation

So, perhaps as a teacher you've reached a point in the school year when you're a little weary of your young students.  Perhaps the cumulative effects of the recent time change, multiple changes of weather and general spring fever has made your little ones a little harder to handle.  Perhaps you've heard "teacher, teacher, teacher" too many times after you've specifically talked about the best way to get the teacher's attention.  Or perhaps you're just a little tired.

I too have felt this way, and in fact have found a solution to this problem.  All you need to do is spend a morning in someone else's classroom substitute teaching their students, and suddenly you will develop a whole new appreciation for your own familiar Little People.

 It will be like when you're feeling like your house is really small and then you invite a whole bunch of people over for a long party.  When they leave - voila!  Your house is quite roomy again.

So it will be after a morning with the Unknown Little People.  Especially if you don't really know all of their names, how their daily routine goes, and what Weather song they sing.  When they don't really listen to you like they should, and you can't even silence them at Circle Time with The Look, because they don't know that The Look really means business.  Even more so after one of them pats your arm in a poking way at lunchtime and says, "Your arm is really flappy."

After this experience, when your own Little People arrive, you will just be happy.  And appreciative.  And all will be right in Preschool World again.

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