A New Project

I've started a new scrapbooking/art project. For awhile I was resistant to even work on any creative-type things at all down here in my scrapbooking area, and did nothing creative at all. I was too afraid to mar the pristine area that I had created for all of the house-shoppers who were headed to our house.

However, a good six weeks later (and not a house-shopper in sight), I have decided to work on something. To be optimistic, I am choosing a project that can be easily swept out of sight if someone does decide to come and look at the house.

This project is based on Isaiah 55:1-5, which is obviously the scripture that my blog title is based on. This has been my favorite scripture for a long time - perhaps ever since I came back from Prague and did the Beth Moore "Breaking Free"study. This scripture inspires me to work hard for things that matter - not for what we think will fill us.

Anyway, this project will be in a 20x24" picture frame. My idea is to have the scripture spelled out with the black cardstock letters, and a background have a collection of things that symbolize those things we try to use to make us happy: receipts for things we buy, postcards from vacations, etc., etc. Obviously, the things I think will satisfy me will be very different from anyone else, so it will be a rather personal piece of artwork. This picture shows the letters after I stamped them all with a black stamp pad (they're temporarily adhered to pieces of transparency). In the right corner of the picture you can see the patterned paper squares that will be the base for the background.

I'm excited about it - I do love making something new.

Jana  – (8 December 2008 at 19:09)  

I love this project--what a beautiful idea and what a perfect scripture to write on your heart and on your wall.

Be sure to post a picture of the finished project--can't wait to see how it turns out.

Blessings on your day.

Sarah  – (13 January 2009 at 18:18)  

Just now seeing this one -- yes, in all of your spare time of packing and what-not, please pronto-like finish this and show me a picture! :-)

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