To Pack or Not to Pack

I've been having a little bit of a clothes trauma this morning. It all started when I decided to finally buckle down and unpack my suitcase from our trip last week. I had been putting it off because I knew that the drawers that some of the clothes needed to go into were too crowded, and that would have to be taken care of first. The reason that the drawers were too crowded was that I had not yet removed the summer clothes and replaced them with the winter clothes.

This is usually a tiring and quite frankly mind-numbing job for me anyway, mainly because I have to pull out all the off-season clothes out of the closet and drawers, and then go up in the attic and drag down the new-season clothes. Then I have to make the switch while deciding which items to put into storage and which to keep out. Then the rejected (off-season) clothes have to go back up in the attic. Whew.

I started that process today, but then realized - you know, I will be wearing some of these warmer-weather clothes sooner this year than I do in West Virginia. While it's not exactly hot in Fresno in January, it's not turtleneck and wool sweater weather, either.

So now I'm really confused about what to do with my clothes. Should I just pack the warm-weather clothes in boxes to be opened early this spring? However, if they're in boxes, I'll have to make sure they get in the "have in rental house" pile of boxes, instead of the "save for bought- house" pile. Should I pack them in suitcases and tag them for the rental pile? Or should I just leave them in the drawers, stuffed and mingled with the winter clothes, and just hope for the best come January?

I just don't know. I think I'll go rest and think it through. :)

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