In Between the Now and the Not Yet

I've been feeling a little bit listless the last few days, since we've returned from Thanksgiving break. Even when given some nice opportunites to get some things done (like a day off from work yesterday due to a doctor's checkup that ended up being cancelled) I have just felt sluggish. Part of this might stem from the fact that I have been recovering from a nasty head cold that I started in California and suffered through in Texas. I'm sure that that residual sickness and the resulting coughing and nose-blowing is sure to wear on a person.
However, I also suspect that am feeling a little bit caught in between what I have been thinking about as the "Now and the Not Yet". This of course is an easy place to get caught in if you are about to make a major life change, and you both prepare for it and continue to live where you are now. You're not at your new place yet, but you're not 100% where you used to be, either. You are getting ready to (happily) leave your job, but you still find yourself slightly aghast that they have posted your job to be filled by someone else. You look at and get excited about the possibility of a new house and a new - say - scrapbook room, but you are still trying to sell your old house. On top of this is the fact that you really like your old house. You find yourself ready to take the next step ahead, but you find yourself not ready to say goodbye, either.

Perhaps I'm 90% here right now, and 10% in Fresno - kind of floating in between the two places, and not really all the way in either.

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