Sitting in the San Jose Airport

Here's a quick note from the San Jose airport, which is where we are at this moment. We just spent the last four days in Fresno house hunting. Here are a few things that we discovered during our visit there:

1. A random bit of trivia: people who live in Fresno are called Fresnans.

2. They don't have Cracker Barrels or Dairy Queens in Fresno, but they do have every other restaurant possible.

3. There are lots and lots of houses to be had in Fresno right now, and most at excellent prices. The bad news is that if you have not sold your own house, these houses are still alluring, but quite out of reach until you do.

4. Fresno has an excellent scrapbook store.

5. Finally, it really does appear to be a nice place to live. Which is an assuring thing, since we'll be living there in about two months.

They're calling our plane. We're off to Austin.

Bob  – (25 November 2008 at 11:21)  

I assume In-N-Out is one of the every other kind restaurant?

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