A Very Merry Christmas

Well, we've had a very Merry Christmas here so far in Morgantown. Christmas morning was very exciting, and the boys seems very happy with their gifts, especially the Wii, and got right down to playing with it. Now, 24 + hours later, we are all suffering from "Wii Soreness" from all the bowling, tennis playing, etc. that we have been doing. It has so far proved to be fun for everyone, except Mocha, who can't figure out what we are doing when we are running and jumping around the living room (and throwing invisible toys) and none of it seems to benefit her at all.

While the boys still woke up in "Toyland" mode this morning, Jason and I woke up in "Listland" mode instead. We both now have long lists that we are working on, and I do feel the Stress-O-Meter rising just a little bit. I suppose the main thing is to priorize and the lesser stuff be, well, lesser.

On that note, I send Merry Christmas wishes to all of you. May we all remember which things are big things, and let the lesser things fall away.

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