No Snow Day

It did not snow more than 1/2 a millimeter last night, so no snow day today.

I almost forgot to put the trashcans out this morning until the truck was coming down the road, thus causing me to have to drag three stuffed trashcans over the icy driveway in sub-zero weather. (Okay, so maybe it's just about 30 degrees).

When I started to get ready for the day, I discovered that I was down to the last smudges of deodorant. Happily, I discovered that I had a brand new deodorant in the closet. However, after I put it on, I thought it smelled a little - manly. So now I am wearing Jason's deodorant, in the latest "Marine" scent.

Oh, well. Marine deodorant might be just about right for the day ahead.

Bob  – (8 January 2009 at 19:04)  

Was that Marine like Ahoy, matey - or was that Marine like "Drop and give me 50!"

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