The Weary Side of Moving

Well, I'm feeling the weary side of moving tonight. I have worked every spare minute this week trying to get my school details done and ready for my last day on Friday, but I still have lots to do in this. Meanwhile, the house is a huge mess as I am still in the middle of many sorting and clearing-out projects that I have started. I am very tired of having stuff underfoot everywhere, but I feel like the school work is more important until it is all done.

We're expecting snow tonight and I really need a snow day tomorrow to get things done, but so far it hasn't really snowed at all. So I'm trying to convince myself that yes, there will be school tomorrow (which makes me feel even more tired).

Plus, someone came and took away our buffet (bought, not stole) that sat by the front door and now there's a big hole in the living room. As I sat here at the computer waiting for them to come and pick it up, I got a little sad that we were selling it - it was kind of a nice piece.

I think I just need to go to bed. I could either stay up making plans and getting things ready tonight to tell the new teacher about tomorrow, or I can get the rest that might just allow me to wing it.

I think I'll go with the rest option. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

And hopefully snowy.

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