Oklahoma City

We now have two days of travel under our belt. We're now in Oklahoma City after a relatively easy day of travel. We had good weather and nice, non-hilly roads. As some of you know, there are six of us taking this trip (and one dog). Our friends Cathy W. and John H. are driving along with us, to help each of us take turns with the driving in the two vehicles. Yesterday during the bad weather, Jason drove the minivan with the boys and me riding in it. At the same time, John drove the moving truck with Cathy riding in it. After we got out of the bad weather, I drove the minivan with Cathy riding, and Jason drove the truck with John riding in it.

Today, Cathy and I were in the van all day, and the guys were in the truck. We do have walkie talkies with us, but we have found that using are cell phones are much easier. The non-drivers text or call each other.

We did see some interesting things along the way. I was very interested in some of the signs as we went along. My favorite one in Illinois said, "Hit a worker; Pay $10,000; Lose your license". My first thought was to wonder if this was to deter someone who was thinking about just that. However, I am guessing it was to just make you aware of what might happen if you weren't careful around a work area.

The most interesting set of signs in Oklahoma have been the ones that say, "Don't Drive Into Smoke". We pondered this one for awhile, and even asked some people at a gas station that we stopped at. They said that Oklahoma has a lot of grass fires, and you don't want to drive into smoke you can't see through, because you might hit some who was, say, sitting in the road in their car gawking at the fire. Very interesting. Just know I googled this sign and discovered that this is a common thing for people to notice and talk about on their blogs after they drive through Oklahoma. I didn't google the "Hit a Worker" signs, though.

Tonigh we ate at the "Cheesecake Factory" and then the boys swam here in the hotel pool. Now we are headed to bed to rest up for Day 3 of driving tomorrow.

Jana  – (19 January 2009 at 21:23)  

You must be completely exhausted. I can't imagine driving across country with my family and all my belongings. The driving part alone would make me bonkers.

Praying for more safe driving days, exceptional weather, fun signs along the way, and a song in your heart.

Love you,

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