So Far, So Good

Well, we've come a long way since I sat in the middle of the boxes in relative dismay. Slowly, box by box, everything either got 1)packed 2)given away, or 3)thrown away. It was late Saturday night that I sat in the living room, eating a caramel nut bar from the batch brought over by my friend Anne (they're for the trip, but oh, well) and surveying the emptiness around me. That was a little tear-inducing, but only for a few minutes, because we still had about 10 things to take care of before we could go to sleep that night.

Yesterday we were up bright and early, with the farewell gift of pretty snow and the resulting bad roads that of course come with them. We moved really slowly through most of West Virginia and some of Kentucky, and then picked up speed through the southern part of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. We arrived here in St. Louis in time for the second half of the Steelers game, and watched that (happily) at a nearby barbecue restaurant. We were then all in bed and fast asleep by 10:30.


Today our goal is Oklahoma City. We're going to cut down on Interstate 44 from St. Louis over toward Tulsa, and then eventually go over to Oklahoma City.

It's a little bit of a shorter drive than yesterday, and will be much easier without the bad roads.

So, the final report is 1 day of driving down, 4 more to go.

Sarah  – (19 January 2009 at 07:43)  

I still can barely think of our 'load the truck' day in Temple over 7 years ago without getting a little sick to my stomach! I was sad, I was stressed, and I was exhausted. Moving is just hard -- physically and emotionally. Praying for safe travels -- looks like the mid-section of the country warmed up just for your trip! Yay!

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