Still Unpacking Boxes...

Well, I'm sure you're not too surprised that we're still in Box World, despite my desire to get everything whipped into shape before the Super Bowl tomorrow. However, I have unpacked quite a few, and moved quite a few to the garage that we won't be unpacking for awhile. Really, things are looking pretty good around here, if not quite homey yet.

Right now, however, I am itching to go and finish Inkdeath the book I have been reading. I only have a few chapters to go, and it's getting so exciting...

Jana  – (2 February 2009 at 16:20)  

I have so much I want to say about your other posts, but for now, just wanted to say that I picked up Inkheart and am anticipating reading it. It's on my stack of YA books to read for my class . . . I hope I actually get to read some of them!
Love you guys!

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