A Blank Slate

It is Monday morning. The boys are in school. Jason is at work. All is quiet at the house, and the day stretches before me like a blank slate ready to be filled. While this is exciting and full of potential, it is a little bit unnerving, as well. I am not used to not working - it has been several years since I didn't work full time. I'm not really sure what a "stay at home mom" does. I know a few things I need to do today: I need to work on the house to get it in order. I have a lot of thank you notes to write for all the kindnesses extended to us over the big move. I definitely should get out and take a brisk walk in this sunny, warm world that we now live in. I certainly feel like I need to figure out what's for dinner tonight. But the bigger picture is still unclear: What will I try to accomplish in the next few months? What goals will I set? What household responsibilities are mine that perhaps weren't before? What will I feel compelled to do as the "preacher's wife"? Part of me feels like this ability to be at home full time is a temporary thing that has to come to an end soon. Surely I will have go back to work full time any day now, because this seems just a little too nice to be true. But for now, it's like a huge gift of time that I feel responsible to use very well.

I suppose for now I will just make my list for today and do those things. Surely the rest will work itself out.

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